My first post!! Woo! When I first found out I was pregnant, all I wanted to do was sew maternity clothes for myself. Now that we have found out we’re having a GIRL (!!!!!) all I can think about is sewing tiny garments for her. Although I’ve been sewing for years, I was a little unsure of my skills on such a small scale, so I wanted to pick a relatively simple pattern. Additionally, I wanted to sew something I would be able to put on her immediately without waiting 3 or more months for her to grow into. The Little Geranium dress from Made By Rae fit the bill perfectly!! With a simple gathered waist and a basic fitting top, and coming in size 0-3mo, I knew this would be the perfect first baby project. Sewing it up was a breeze, and the results were SO TINY!!!

Little Geranium

Front of the Little Geranium Dress from Made By Rae

Here is the front of the dress. I used a lightweight chambray for the bodice and an even lighter weight mystery woven for the skirt.

Back View of Little Geranium Dress

Back view of the Little Geranium Dress from Made By Rae

And here is the back view. Unlike what seems to be the rest of the sewing world, I actually do not mind inserting button holes. What I did hate, on the other hand, was gathering this skirt. I’m not sure if it was a tension issue, cheap thread, or something to do with the fabric itself, but I had a lot of issues getting the skirt gathered. In the end I got it done, but it was definitely the hardest part of this outfit by far.

Button Close Up

Close up of the buttons on the bodice

….So I’m not the straightest when it comes to button sewing, but I can attest to their sturdiness!!

Lining View

View of the Lining

The dress bodice is lined, and as per the pattern instructions I just cut this out of the same material as the outer shell. In the future I may switch this up to a contrasting print or something equally as interesting just for fun.

I wanted to make a full matching outfit, so I found this free Ruffle Diaper Cover pattern from See Kate Sew and sewed it up in the chambray as well.

Diaper Cover Front

Ruffle Diaper Cover front from See Kate Sew

Honestly, the directions were a little difficult to follow at times, and I realized halfway through that I had no elastic so the leg and waist seams are unfinished. Also, I made these in a 0-3mo as well, although we plan to cloth diaper and I have heard that with diaper covers you need to size up in order to account for the added bulk. Thus overall this make was a FAIL. I’ll definitely be re-making them though, and with one run-through under my belt I’m pretty confident that now I get what the instructions were saying. In the meantime, I’m sharing these because they still look darn cute with the Little Geranium dress.

Ruffle Diaper Cover back from See Kate Sew

Ruffle Diaper Cover back from See Kate Sew

You can see where my seams on the legs are still unfinished. Oopsies!!

Full Outfit

Full outfit – Little Geranium Dress and Ruffle Diaper Cover

Here is the final look of the dress and the diaper covers. Pretty cute, huh?!!

I still can’t get over how tiny it is. T-I-N-Y!

In the future, I may choose to add some lace trim to the front of the bodice because I think it is a little plain. Also, I may stick to lighter weight materials for the diaper cover, because though this one wasn’t particularly heavy, I think the end result was a little bulkier than necessary. For now, I can’t wait to get this dress on my little girl in August. And did I mention its TINY?!

What do you think??